Swimming pools

Sectional pools are used where it is not possible to transport the entire pool in one piece. Whether it is the issue of transporting oversized cargo and its price, or the issue of placing the pool as a whole on the property, for example, due to the small handling space. 

The principle of production is that the designed pool unit is divided into several parts – pieces. The individual parts that make up the pool are completely manufactured by us, tested, checked for compatibility and then transported to the customer. Our experts are dispatched to the installation site to pick up the individual parts after transport, place them in a pre-prepared location and assemble them into a single unit using a precise technological procedure.


Basic pool equipment:

  • Pool liner (material thickness 8 mm or 10 mm)
  • Bottom (material thickness 6 mm or 8 mm)
  • Anti-slip staircase
  • Nozzles
  • Skimmer
  • Piping around the perimeter of the pool
  • Thermal insulation
  • Reinforcement of the pool for concreting (plastic ribs + fittings)
  • Technology (control unit, filtration, pump)


    We offer different variants of entrances to the pool, which can be customised according to your needs. All stairs have a non-slip surface and can be equipped with both lighting and massage jets.

    • Corners
    • Sides (right/left)
    • Full width
    • Stairs with a relaxation bench (the bench can hide the slatted pool cover)



      Our pools are made of the most modern materials on the market from the world manufacturer Röchling with the designation Polystone P PG or Polystone P PGX, which has the following properties:

      • High strength
      • Stability
      • Very high resistance to chlorine and UV radiation
      • Frost resistance
      • Resistance to chemicals
      • Non-slip surface
      • Different colour variations


          • During production, emphasis is placed on the quality of materials and workmanship
          • Sheaths of various sizes are butt welded using a large-format plastic plate welder
          • Precision machining and formatting of materials on CNC machine
          • Plate materials used for the cladding
          • Reinforcements / ribs
          • Hems
          • Stairs



            Transportation takes place in a minimum five-piece assembly, with each part securely protected against damage during transport or handling.

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