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Pagroma plastic production company supplied our company with PP material tank coating for the food industry. The quality of the workmanship was professional with the deadlines being met according to the contract. Excellent cooperation and agreement.

We have worked with Pagroma several times in the past years. These were repairs to the overlays of the entrances to the accumulation chambers and the valve chambers. The delivery and installation of the orders by the contractor were always within the agreed deadline and of high quality. A professional approach to the customer 

Pagroma supplies us with PP and PE tanks and components for our equipment. We use these tanks for storage of wastewater, chemicals, drinking water, … The quality of the design is of a professional level. The agreed delivery dates and prices are always met. The agreement is correct and for mutual satisfaction.

TOUAX s.r.o.  for our company Zeveta Machinery a.s. supplied, manufactured and installed a plastic tank for a concentrated sulphuric acid bath. The quality of the workmanship, arrangements and meeting deadlines was at a professional level as agreed. Excellent cooperation and agreement.

Thank you
Zdeněk Zábranský
Head of Maintenance

In the engineering company Česká zbrojovka a.s. Uherský Brod with several plants ranging from foundry, through woodworking and chip machining to final surface finishing, it is not easy to find and work closely with companies that offer a wide range of work and supply the necessary parts and components. The expanding demands of customers need to be met flexibly and quickly in production and maintenance. Once the production plans for the year are fulfilled, every hour of delay due to an unplanned breakdown of the equipment in question means a big loss for the company and consequently a threat to the fulfilment of the sales and profit plan. In the area of repairs (services) and material delivery we were pleasantly pleased with the company Pagroma from Komňa. Delivery times and resolution of technical problems are short and of a high standard. There are also cases where the company comes to the reported repair and only after the work is completed, an order is subsequently issued based on the statement of work. We are very satisfied with the quality of the workmanship, the suitability of the chosen materials and also with the deadline. Recently we have been dealing with repairs on the blackening and phosphating line of 2007 production and on the chrome plant of 2013 production. The repair prices are reasonable and the quality/time versus price ratio is very good.

Ing. Tomáš Tinka

SaZ and TFM Maintenance and Repair Specialist

Pagroma s.r.o. manufactured and installed an accumulation tank with insulation for our hotel Chata Jana s.r.o. in the basement of the hotel. The installation was carried out according to the pre-agreed terms and conditions. We are satisfied with their work and recommend them. 

Thank you.
Jiří Kadeřávek, Executive Officer

References of plastic production:
Production of CLEANNY 20 WWTP

– July 2020 Production of CLEANNY 40 WWTP including extension and stainless steel components

– March 2021 Production of CLEANNY 20 WWTP including stainless steel components

– June 2021 All products were manufactured to the required quality and on time.

Šitina Marcel Sales Manager VODA CZ s.r.o.

We are always looking for quality partners for our food processing plant LINEA Nivnice a.s., which is a manufacturer of the HELLO brand. That is why we chose the plastics company Pagroma s.r.o. for the supply of the tank for measuring the outflow of wastewater. Furthermore, we were supplied with products for the production plant itself. This partner also provides repairs and servicing of existing tanks. We have always been extremely satisfied with the quality of the products delivered.

Jaroslava Ryšková LINEA Nivnice a.s.

For its production, Laugo Arms Czechoslovakia s.r.o., the manufacturer of ALIEN sport pistols, also needs appropriate technical equipment. Finding a suitable partner who is able to design manufacture and deliver a solution on time that meets our technical and quality requirements is not easy. That is why we are pleased that the company Pagroma s.r.o., Roman Pagáč from Komňa is such a partner. Together, we have completed several projects, starting simply with rainwater catchment tanks for rainwater harvesting, curtain walls for special tools to sophisticated water filtration systems for plastering plants. We are satisfied with the quality of their products and especially the professionalism of their staff with many years of experience, and we will definitely continue to cooperate.

Ing. Michal Polivka business director Laugo Arms Czechoslovakia

We had two water meter shafts made by Pagroma s.r.o. We were completely satisfied with all the communication, the delivery time and the resulting quality. We would be happy to contact the regional industrial tank manufacturer for any of our other requirements.

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